About Conexo


Since 1990, CONEXO International Business Assistance has been seeking competence and seriousness in rendering services for domestic and foreign companies, in several productive segments.  

Making itself present worldwide through strategic alliances, CONEXO is the right partner to make your company global.

Qualified staff with a wide experience, plus the use of state-of-the-art tools, enables CONEXO to help your company make a difference in international markets.

ETHICS: Acting responsible and righteous in dealing with the information.

COMMITMENT: professional and committed to customer attitude.

PEOPLE: coordinating the activities and knowledge to promote a healthy and motivating work environment.

INTELLIGENCE: Quality, creativity and innovation that promote safe and competitive alternatives.


To assure your company international market differentiation - rather than act globally - you must be present. Having this in mind, CONEXO has built successful partnerships, around the world. All we want is to increase your company’s potential in a tough competitive environment, which has no borders anymore.CONEXO works with qualified agents.